I'm often told that my story is uncommon, that my posture doesn’t match my age, and that I’ve already accomplished so much in my life at the young age of 20.


I suppose here in the United States it’s not so common to have someone my age owning and running a store instead of roaming a college campus.  I was given the opportunity to choose between the two, back in 2014. I had taken a part-time manager position at Pure Organic Juicery In Barrington, IL.  At this point it was just a ‘job’, but by the endthe year, at the age of 18, I was approached by the original owner and asked if I would be interested in buying the business from her.   It was an incredible opportunity I could not ignore and was soon pondering the options with my parents on how to make it happen. With their help, in less than two months we went through a steep learning curve but did everything we had to for me to become a young entreprenuer and small business owner.  


Looking back it really is no surprise that I would end up owning a juice bar.  My journey to healthy food and conscious living started 4 years ago when I studied in Brazil and had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at Casa Da Videira, an urban homestead experiment that aimed to produce local, organic food in a small urban yard for a group of families in the neighborhood.  They were a radical example of how important our relationship is to food and how responsible we are of the impact our choices make.  This was my first experience with a sustainable community and it cultivated my passion and desire to build this awareness in my own community.  I had an immense desire to create a space that would invite people to share the truth and learn about the impact of the choices we’re making.


Today I run Pure with the help and encouragement of my two best friends – my boyfriend Jerry Jaskowiak who has been right alongside me always reminding me to take a break to dance when the day is hectic; and Jamie Wagener - a beautiful strong pillar and example for us in her partnership with Pure through her own business, The Blissful Kitchen.

We are able to accomplish so much more as a team and are dedicated to being of service in a space where people from all backgrounds can come to connect, learn and grow.  We support and promote local organic farms, healthy food distributors and build partnerships with people in the community that help us stay responsible with our “waste” in the form of compost which helps us maintain a relationship to the soil.   We encourage our customers to expand their knowledge on food, nutrition and health so that together we can inspire and be inspired.   


Our commitment at Pure is to offer the highest-quality juices & food in a welcoming and caring environment.  In partnership with Jamie Wagener of The Blissful Kitchen we offer detoxes, culinary classes, health coaching and community dinners all aimed to inspire people to live the healthiest version of themselves.